The 5×1000 scheme

 (for Italian residents only)

A precious drop, YOUR HEALTH!
This year, too, you can allocate 5X1000 to Associations through your tax return.

Italian financial law allows you to allocate part of your income (5 x 1000) to one of a number of associations or entities dedicated to scientific research. You simply have to sign one of the five special boxes on your tax return form (Cud 2013; 730-1 INCOMES FOR 2012; UNICO 2013 for incomes of individual persons 2012), indicating the tax code of the entity to which you intend to allocate said amount.

The 5 x 1000 allocation is not an alternative to the 8 x 1000 allocation and does not constitute an increase in tax burden.

If you wish to help in a material way, our tax code is as follows: 92020500283

- Download 5×1000 brochure


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